Each Day Is a New Beginning: I Can Restart As Often As I Want

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Top 5 Affirmations for Bipolar Disorder / Cyclothymia

Keep Calm, Carry on

I like this phrase from WW ll England, that if things are rough, just remember, calm down an bit and move forward a bit. 

Daily I Love Myself

Bipolar disorder creates problems of self worth. Many with cyclothymia version feel pretty awful about themselves. The brain then is lying to the person. 

I Bring Worth to the World

Again, as with the one before, bipolar people may forget their own worth and that they bring change and goodness to the world. In fact, most famous artists and musicians were bipolar. 

Some Time Someplace, Somebody Will Need Me So I Choose to Life My Life and Not Consider Ever Checking Out

Well, bipolar disorder causes depression and despair. These are temporary feelings and one must remember: stay on planet earth and don’t commit suicide….some time some place somebody will need you. Stay here. 

Each Day Is a New Beginning: I Can Restart As Often As I Want

Well, for bipolars, things get messed up. Then, if it’s morning or even the middle of the day, just start over in life. Say to yourself that Live begins now. Don’t feel ashamed to start over. 
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