5 Tips for Fall: bipolar disorder and cyclothymia

5 Tips for Fall: bipolar disorder and cyclothymia

Fall light quantity drops off and bipolars have the long slow slide into winter hibernation. Plan now for this change. To have no plan and you’ll surely be depressed or mixed stated by mid November, and gaining weight from October on. Fall planning is easy, creative, and even fun. Use your own creativity and imagination in all of this to work these 5 tips into your bipolar / cyclothymia life.

Watch For the Fall “Slide”

Bipolars are more sensitive to seasonal changes than others, and this is related to change in temperature and diminishing bright light. Generally, fall is a calmer time than most. Take note of the slide down in energy that is gradual. Unlike the “spring bump” in March which is dramatic, fall is a bit slower.


Take Time to Enjoy

Fall is a great time to kick start an exercise program with some fall walking. Take some photos, go for a drive, sit and watch the weather, etc.
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