Bipolar Disorder and the Flu? Why would anyone want to vomit meds, withdraw, and move into a painful depression????

The flu season is around the corner. In fact, it’s just 30 days out. The flu makes bipolar disorder worse:

pain is more severe
illnesses with bipolar disorder may actually be more severe
dysphoria will be worse

In fact, if you have bipolar disorder or cyclothymia, the flu likely will push you down into a depression. There is the risk of developing a protracted illness, and death is the outcome for some. At minimum, those without vaccinations could carry the illness to others vulnerable……and they could die.

The flu is to be feared enough that you take care of yourself…..get a vaccination now as it takes several weeks to build up in your system.

If you get the flu shot, you also prevent vomiting, which for bipolar people could lead to
a. burning the esophagus with upcoming toxic medications
b. withdrawing from meds if you cannot keep them down
c. having to restart meds, which means you need to talk to your MD since you can’t just restart where you left off: this is particularly dangerous if you take Lamictal.

So, make it easier on everyone, including yourself.  Get the shot now.

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Please see the video on preventing suicide “Stay Here” at:
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Pass it on to all bipolars you know. Bipolar disorder is the leading cause of all suicides and inoculate yourself and others. Stay on planet Earth. We need you.


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