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Getting back in balance
Let’s talk relapse.

In a way, relapse is the dirty little secret of recovery. We can take our meds, watch our sleep, exercise religiously, practice mindfulness … and still be upended by a bolt from the blue.

“You can never say that someone with bipolar disorder has had their last episode; relapse is part of the illness,” Alan C. Swann, MD, explains in our story A Bumpy Road: Dealing With Relapse (Spring 2011).

Sound hopeless? Not at all.

In our current issue, columnist Stephen Propst admits that he used to equate relapse with failure. Now, he insists, “Working through a relapse can actually be enlightening, educational, and empowering.”

For example, relapse may be a signal to:

  • Look at whether you are trying to do too much on your own.
  • See if you’ve slacked off on healthy habits.
  • Double-check your self-talk.
  • Redirect your energy to spend time with friends or do fulfilling activities.

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