Independent reviews of the book Soft Bipolar Suffering

Some reviews of Soft Bipolar Suffering book

Soft Bipolar: Vivid Thoughts Mood Shifts and Swings Depression and Anxiety of the Mild Mood Disorders Affecting Millions

Soft Bipolar: Vivid Thoughts, Mood Shifts and Swings, Depression, and Anxiety of the Mild Mood Disorders Affecting Millions of Americans. Cuttingedge help and information is now available on the misunderstood and often misdiagnosed milder mood disorders: Bipolar ll and Cyclothymia.
You may have Soft Bipolar if you:
Have vivid thoughts and emotions
Have variable periods of energy and productivity
Have good times followed by periods of foggy depression
Have a relative with depression, a mood disorder, or alcoholism
Are strongly affected by stress, relationships, changes of seasons, or losses
Feel you are bright, but for some reason are not meeting your potential
If you can relate to any of these ideas, Soft Bipolar has further tools to understand your symptoms, including the new and innovative Soft Bipolar Symptom Self Report.
There are things you can do about these disorders, and direction in finding qualified help is included.
Where would we be without other resources? Soft Bipolar includes many internetcritical resource sites that offer vast amounts of help you can find today!
Dr. Bunch wants you to understand why you have suffered and what you can do about the fears, anxieties, and depression of your Soft Bipolar disorder.

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5 Responses to “Soft Bipolar: Vivid Thoughts Mood Shifts and Swings Depression and Anxiety of the Mild Mood Disorders Affecting Millions”

  1. tommyny Says:
    This book made it easy to understand the so called soft, or lesser forms of bipolar, and how important it is to get treatment. I found it informative.
  2. Atta ur Rahman Says:
    I have worked in an inpatient Psychiatric/Behavioral Health unit for many years. Dr. Bunch really nails down what the problems are. His book presents new information for even a seasoned professional, yet the book is an easy read and simple enough to understand for anyone. Whether you yourself are suffering from bipolar or related to/friends with/in a relationship with someone with one of these disorders (i.e. everyone knows someone….whether they know it or not!)this is a MUST READ! You will gain a deeper understanding of the problems and issues people face, giving you a deeper ability to cope with or understand.Suffice it to say, I recommend this book.
  3. jasser Says:
     It is written in simple enough text to help our consumers understand the meaning of a mood disorder and how to cope with the symptoms. The examples, case studies, and charts are easy to incorporate into a group setting.
  4. Chris Clark Says:
    What I liked about this book is that the author is really an expert about soft bipolar. I’ve been suffering for more than 20 years and STILL have not been properly diagnosed, though I’ve seen many psychiatrists. I’m sure I’m suffering a form of soft bipolar, but this seems to be a problem most psychiatrists can’t even label, much less help. They will throw all kinds of medicine at it though — and just hope something sticks. I am glad to see someone pay attention to the various types of soft bipolar and pull all kinds of valuable information together in one book. My one caveat: all people like me want is HELP. The part about finding a good doctor or therapist — which is, in a nutshell, call around and ask a bunch of questions about their experience and background — is really too much to ask from someone suffering from this disorder. It’s hard to get organized; it’s hard to speak up for yourself; it’s hard to get to get to a doctor’s appointment at all in the best of times! I honestly can’t imagine any psychiatrist I’ve ever seen answering all these questions for someone who wasn’t already a patient. I would go anywhere and pay anything to see a doctor who had this much knowledge and empathy — there aren’t many out there. You deserve much more than 5 stars for that, Dr. Bunch.
  5. Mark Bossert Says:
    This book is one of the best i have read on the subject, i have even shared it with friends. It is very helpful and knowledgable. It is in easy to understand terms and suggestions.

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