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Soft Bipolar Disorder Cyclothymia Issues: Living Against the Clock; Does Loss of Daily Rhythms Cause Obesity?

Living Against the Clock; Does Loss of Daily Rhythms Cause Obesity?

ScienceDaily (Aug. 28, 2012) — When Thomas Edison tested the first light bulb in 1879, he could never have imagined that his invention could one day contribute to a global obesity epidemic. Electric light allows us to work, rest and play at all hours of the day, and a paper published this week in Bioessays suggests that this might have serious consequences for our health and for our waistlines.

Daily or “circadian” rhythms including the sleep wake cycle, and rhythms in hormone release are controlled by a molecular clock that is present in every cell of the human body. This human clock has its own inbuilt, default rhythm of almost exactly 24 hours that allows it to stay finely tuned to the daily cycle generated by the rotation of Earth. This beautiful symmetry between the human clock and the daily cycle of Earth’s rotation is disrupted by exposure to artificial light cycles, and by irregular meal, work and sleep times. This mismatch between the natural circadian rhythms of our bodies and the environment is called “circadian desynchrony.”
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The Dysphoric mania of Bipolar l, and James Holmes

What Is Dysphoric Mania?

James HolmesTwo weeks before he killed 12 people and injured 58 during a midnight shooting rampage in a Colorado movie theater, James Holmes texted a classmate asking if she had heard of “dysphoric mania.” When she replied asking if it was something treatable, he replied, “It was,” and said she should stay away from him “because I am bad news.”

The New York Times article that broke this story says, “The psychiatric condition [dysphoric mania], a form of bipolar disorder, combines the frenetic energy of mania with the agitation, dark thoughts and in some cases paranoid delusions of major depression.” This description is vivid enough to give readers a glimpse of what might be going on in the mind of a person such as Holmes (we have to be careful about making psychiatric judgments based entirely on the observations of others). It’s a bit misleading, though. For one thing, agitation and paranoia can be symptoms of mania as well as depression.
Also, dysphoric mania isn’t a “form” of bipolar disorder. Rather, it’s a specific type of episode that has mixed features – one where mania symptoms are combined with depression symptoms like the social withdrawal described in the Times article. (See the last paragraph in part 1 of Bipolar Depression Symptoms, Social Withdrawal.)
One problem in understanding all this is the elusive definition of the term “dysphoria.” Dictionaries disagree, using terms from depression and discontent to anguish and agitation to simply “sadness.” At bottom, the definition changes depending on the context, and in this case, the dysphoria in “dysphoric mania” isn’t the same as the dysphoria in “dysphoric depression.”

for the rest of this article:

and more definitions of dysphoria

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Are cats naturally bipolar disorder or do they get bipolar disorder???????

Well, cats are certainly tricksters in the world, and can’t be fully known. That is their mystery. Whether or not they are bipolar, they certainly have moods…….  Well, people do ponder “is my cat bipolar disorder”. In fact, doing a Google search of that, you’ll find many people posing the question. But, pet experts then reply that incredible shifts in mood and energy is normal. The great cats, lions and tigers spend most time sleeping, but they hunt with intensity. Domesticated cats seem to do the same, resting then going crazy (or as one writer put it, “psychotic”). Some cats turn quit aggressive: I know, I have scars on my legs form Frankenstein’s claws, who most times is resting by my side.

The shifting in moods of cats is related to the survival of their species. While difficult for humans to accept, it us just their nature, and can’t be labelled all bad.
White tigers kill their handlers
House cats run crazy at times, OR OFTEN

Cute lions kill.


For bipolar disorder too, we should be asking: when is it nature that one has bipolar traits, and when is it too destructive?  Unfortunately, treatment is geared to remind bipolar persons that “all” mood traits are bad. I have a personal friend that his psychiatrist told him 10 years ago that his loud guffaws were a trait of his bipolar disorder. Since that time, my friend has restrained all laughter and feels guilty when he does laugh. Before, he brought loud and raucous laughter to times together. Give him three shots of  espresso to relieve his depression and then laugh together.

What the psychiatrist missed was:
a. knowing this person and knowing why he laughed so loud (he came from a religiously repressive background and found his laughter was one outlet of relief)
b. spontaneous and unprovoked laughter is s symptoms of too elevated mood, and is a symptom
c. this person was depressive, and dearly needed to laugh
d. laughter is therapeutic
e. bipolar’s do get on the edge of jokes, laughing, and the profane, but depressives and soft bipolars are “self-checking” in behaviors. 

Venus the Chimera cat became big news this week with viral videos and photos. Venus is a genetic chimera, meaning having distinct genetic cells and characteristics of two or more different “populations”. There are animal, plant, and rarely, human chimeras.


Take a look, and link to Venus the Chimera’s page:

 There exists symbolism and myth of having 2 or 3 joined personas. Here is a mythological chimera, with three distinct personalities in one. The Chimera is similar to the Sphinx, and in some myth gave birth to the Sphinx.


Humans are known to have different personas. This is not to be confused with mulitiple personality disorder, which is now thought to almost be non-existant, though urban legends of it still abound.
Having two moods that are almost personality is common to most. We have naturally different moods. The problem with soft bipolar cyclothymia is that the mood is just more severe and not as transient as a typical person’s. It can impact the quality of life, mental well-being, and relationships.

Here is a “two-faced” graphic depicting two sides or even personas. Often, the darker side is seen as evil, which may be a Western Cultural interpretation of “darkness” and not shared by Eastern or African myth.

Currently, if one is two-faced, they are seen as nice at times, and cutting at others. Or, there can be a good evil story going on, like Two Face of the Batman Series.

But, this face here depicts not gossip or evil,  but true change in mood. This is “bipolarity”.

In soft bipolar disorder, cyclothymia, the two faces are often
social versus outgoing
withdrawn versus social

see our list of comparisons in the soft bipolar test here:

There are many issues with theses two soft bipolar phases. Book one, Soft Bipolar Suffering addresses this. When is the personality from shifting energy that should be treated as disorder, vs. when is the personality form something emotionally repressed (for instance, Jack goes through stages of guilt versus dating). That must be addressed because a soft bipolar person is not only disorder, but have a soul and full psychology.

Note: many soft bipolars cyclothymics have incredible guilt complexes that make them feel like a Jekyll and Hyde bad person, when they actually are not…….this varies per disorder. But, we include this photo for some bipolar l’s where some guilt should be placed. The face differences are more distinct personalities, of withdrawn, versus wild. That is addressed in our books also.
See also articles on guilt versus anosognosia in this blog. Anosognosia, lack of awareness of one’s disorder, is more common in Bipolar 1 and 11, and bipolar cases where drugs have been used. Unfortunately, the soft bipolar cyclothymics often languish in a pool of guilt and imagination of just how bad they are. Often soft bipolars or cyclothymics are misdiagnosed as Bipolar l or ll. It is important for you to know the difference. It’s possible if you are reading this blog, you are a bipolar support person or a soft bipolar with awareness of your disorder.

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Meditation: what type fits you, why should you do it?

A number of articles are being posted at our Zen Bipolar blog.

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1. knowing what meditation does to the brain
2. what type is best for you

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