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Soft Bipolar Cyclothymia: 5 Easy things to do to reduce summer hypomania

Here are 5 Tips to reduce summer hypomania

Wear Blue Blocker Glasses Outside

Every time you even step outside the house, put those blue blocker sunglasses on. Don’t forget them when working in the garden, going out for mail, or going for a drive.

Pull the House Curtains

Darken the house. This reduces the amount of blue light inside. Pull the shades and curtains and watch a good movie. Don’t worry about what others think.

Change Light Bulbs In Spring and Summer

Put those pink and warm toned incandescent bulbs in to reduce blue white light and add yellow red light. Never read summers under bright blue lights. Check out for low temp special florescent tube bulbs.

Get Special Dark Time.

If wound up, you have to wind down. Getting dark time, say reading is better than activity. Activity in the summer just gets you more wound up.

Reduce Activities

Don’t go crazy in the summer with activities or you will go manic or hypomanic. Cut some things out. Be aware of activities in bright light that will stimulate the eye, such as picnics, walks, etc. 
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