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Discrimination from one’s manager really hurts

Note: to be marginalized or discriminated at work has a severe impact on all. But on all bipolars and cyclothymics, it generates vivid feelings anger, low self worth, feelings of failure, despair about life, and more. It seems to stop the drive to proceed in one’s career with enthusiasm and interest. Further, for most, it starts the slide into episodes of depression or long periods of mixed state anxiety (energized depression with anxious fearful thoughts). We are posting regularly on stress, ptsd and bullying. You’ll note several articles in the last month discuss the chemistry biological changes caused by stress. There are MANY. Further, these changes in chemistry are the same as those accomplished by PTSD. 10 articles were posted this summer on chemistry changes by PTSD. Stress and PTSD are now known to not just impact the brain in many ways, but also other elements of body chemistry and even the chromosomes. Check them all out. Find out what has been triggering you. Then, look at the many many articles on mindfulness and recovery in this site. Further, good bipolar medications that allow consciousness and thinking are important (see books 1 and 2, Bipolar Questions).

It’s now fall. its, the shift into low blue light in the atmosphere. See many posts on this. Winter SADD is coming. Time to change those light bulbs in the office and home. There are many tips on preparing for both the fall bump down in mood and winter depression. In addition, you are now “armed” to stop the winter weight gain with articles on intervention in hunger and preparation for winter. It’s time NOW to implement that diet and exercise program. Reviews of diets and links were included in 5 September articles. Recommended for you was the high protein healthy oil diet. This reduces some fats from the Mediterranean diet with includes cheeses. We all love cheese, but the concentration of calories cannot be overcome for many bipolars and leads to weight gain. Review the diets and find one for you. Research has shown that for the general population, the top 5 diets have about the same outcome, but it’s just a matter that you do one. Further, three articles were posted this year on eating when not hungry, BID, binge eating disorder. This is a struggle for most bipolars.

Included the last few months are many articles on the soul of the bipolar cyclothymic person. You have a soul. Find it, take care of it, let it flourish in the world. Apart of grandiosity is joy, happiness, plans, and hope. They are not the same, grandiosity of bipolar and drive of a hopeful human. Check those articles out. A quote by Rumi, 13th centry Sufi poet: Unfold your own story. 

Take time to enjoy fall.

Dr. B

ScienceDaily: Anxiety News
Discrimination from one’s manager really hurts
Mental health workers are more likely to be depressed or anxious when they experience discrimination from their managers than when it comes from patients, a study has found.
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‘Ambient’ bullying gives employees urge to quit

ScienceDaily: Anger Management News

‘Ambient’ bullying gives employees urge to quit
Merely showing up to work in an environment where bullying goes on is enough to make many of us think about quitting, a new study suggests.
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